Rare and Unique Andalusian Handmade Rustic Style Rugs Loomed from Recycled Cotton - Mixed Off-White Stripe 70cmx130cm

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Rare and Unique Andalusian Handmade Rugs Loomed from Recycled Cotton.

These thick loomed off-white natural style cotton rugs are made by artisans in a small locality in Lorca, Andalusia, Spain. The artisans are following a 1,000 year old rug making tradition which originates with the Moors.  

These unusual rugs are machine washable and are benefit from being hard-wearing and practical because they are reversible. They have a deep weave and are soft to the touch yet hard wearing and are ideal for natural floors such as terracotta and wooden, giving warmth and comfort.

Made to a high quality standard these recycled cotton rugs are only available in very limited quantities because of the time it takes to make each rug and the small capacity of the workshop where the rugs are made.

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"The rug has arrived!  I absolutely love it!!  Really beautiful and super cozy :)"           Aziz - London

Skillfully Handcrafted - Rug making in Andalusia is a cottage industry and the process of hand looming and finishing is fascinating to see. This unique style of weaving rugs to recycle cotton off-cuts has developed in isolation and is different to any other we've come across.  

Each cotton rug is skillfully handcrafted in Andalusia using the traditional methods that have been handed down from generation to generation. This means each rug is individually made. No two rugs look exactly the same so please be aware that yours may differ slightly from the photographs.

The art of rug making was originally brought to Spain by the Moors around the 10th century and this style of rug making developed in the villages of Andalusia. With bitterly cold winters in the mountains the rugs provided warmth and comfort in the tiny village houses that were otherwise pretty spartan.

Size:  70cmx130cm and approx 1.5 cm thick.  Cream with biege stripes.


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