Right now it is Saturday morning (5th December) and the thought of trudging out into the high street is alarming me.  Quite frankly I'm dreading it- and it can only get worse over the next few weeks.

Hopefully I can offer you a few solutions here that can meet some of your needs and can be done from home....or wherever you are now.

There's a raw honey gift solutions from small-scale artisan beekeepers, like Antonio. 

There's also a something I'd ask you to think about doing that will really help the bees.

It is the Friends of the Earth Bee Saver Kit. The bees are in trouble, many species of Bumblebee are struggling to survive. This gift, that you can find on the Friends of the Earth website, could help them.

And here you can see exactly what we have to offer in terms of Christmas gifts.

There's also other options in our full catalogue, like the highly prized Calluna honey, Greek Pine Honey and the very popular three kilo buckets of Forest (there's six left).

As time is short, and this is the first time we have run a Christmas gift operation, we are closing orders off by 13th December – so we can get them all delivered before Christmas.

Also, apologies about gift wrapping. This year we can’t gift wrap but if it all goes well we may do that next year. However, we can send the honeys direct to your intended recipient, and all honeys are in Jute Gift Bags.

With best wishes and Seasons Greetings


PS: If you've got any questions just drop me an email at info@therawhoneyshop.com




Hi Dawn, apologies for that. I think we have some more in now. http://www.therawhoneyshop.com/products/box-of-12-raw-honeys-in-jute-gift-bags-1
Best wishes Tim

Dawn Ellis

Dawn Ellis

Greetings! I am a fan of your honey and am currently spooning it down to help with my sore throat. I received your email yesterday about the deal on the 12 little jars of raw honey and wanted to buy some – but you are already sold out, 12 hours later! are you likely to get any more supplies? Best regards, Dawn

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