If you are still looking for last minute gifts we have a couple of raw honey gift options - including a new one which is quick and hassle free (option 2 below).
1. Option 1. We cleared our backlog of orders on Friday. Now we can send guaranteed by Christmas delivery for orders received before Wednesday noon.
This means 3 jars or more - which will go via our couriers, who guarantee delivery on Thursday.
Stock is very low on some products, so best to get the order in quickly.
You can still order less than 3 jars, but they go via Royal Mail - which isn't guaranteed before Christmas.
You can get the raw honey Gift Bags by clicking here. And our other honeys by clicking here.
That's option 1.
2. Option 2 - Raw Honey Shop Gift Vouchers.
You can select vouchers from £13 (buys a jar of raw Greek Pine honey, one of our premium honeys) to £44.25 (buys a 3 set of honey).
You just buy the voucher and it gets emailed to your intended recipient and then they clink on a link to use the voucher on our site.
You can find the vouchers within our Gifts Section.

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