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Get priority notification about limited edition honeys, new deliveries and gift sets - so you don’t miss out!

Hello, hope you are all doing well!

Things have been difficult over the last six months or so - meaning it's been a struggle to get all the honeys that we want - not just because of Covid, but for several other reasons that I will come to.  

And I know from calls, emails and letters that we have been getting that many customers have been missing out on favourite honeys.

So, I wanted to do something about it - for you and other regular customers.

Here’s the plan, to help you know instantly when new honeys come in stock!

We are introducing a Priority Notification List, a simple way for you to know when new honeys arrive at our online shop – and we are expecting some rare and fantastic new varieties this season!

Buckwheat, Forest made from Blueberry and Raspberry nectar, Raw Manuka from a mountain reserve in New Zealand, Red Gum from Australia, Sierra Honey from high in the Spanish Sierra Nevada and many more…you will be the first to know!


Signing up will guarantee that you will find about the honey first, before we do our usual email. And we count on you. You will be one of the first people to try these new varieties so we can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Sign up to our Priority Notification List with your mobile phone number by clicking HERE.

As a regular customer you have acquired the taste and you can spot even the most subtle tasting notes of dried fruits or toffee or vanilla in all of our delicious honeys, so your thoughts matter to us.

How does the Priority Notification List work? – When you sign up with your mobile phone number, we will send you an SMS notification as soon as the honeys are in stock. Simple and straightforward, you will be the first one to know, before we send an email out.

What other benefits are there? - There has been a bad year for honey, which led to there being less stock than we expected. The rainy season has made the bees unable to go out and collect pollen and nectar from spring blossoms. As a result, honeys like Acacia are in very short supply…but we have managed to find one beekeeper who has a small supply! This should be with us towards the end of November. By signing up to the Priority Notification List you will be the first to know.

Covid-19 is also affecting the beekeepers and generally, it is taking much longer for stock to come through. And when the honey arrives it flies off the pallets. For instance, last week we received two pallets from Antonio. Already all of his Rosemary and Heather has sold. And other honeys like Orange Blossom are almost sold out.

It is going to get even more frantic.

Soon we are entering the busiest time of year - when customers are looking for gifts as well as honeys to boost their immune systems and ease coughs and colds.  

Starting to think what honeys and gifts to buy for the winter season?

Sign up HERE and we will let you know about our limited gift sets too!

And don't worry, if you decide you no longer want to receive SMS updates you can reply with STOP to an SMS or email us at and we will remove you from the list.

We hope that this will help you enjoy new and exciting varieties and find brilliant gifts!

Thank you so much for your custom!


All the best,

Tim - on behalf of the Raw Honey Shop Team

PS: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at or 01273 682109

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