This is the beautiful view Rossend's bees have when they wake in the morning. This photo is from the PyreneesWhen Rossend's bees wake in the morning, this is the fantastic view they have. They go about their daily work visiting the flowers that bloom here, at around 1,000 metres.

Here the bees navigate around Spring and early Summer flowers - such as European Rhododendron, Blackberry, Broom (which gives a malty tang to the honey) Rock Rose, Rosemary and Heather. 

The overall effect of these flowers is to produce subtle honey, with many different notes.Not so strong as the dark mountain honeys but with a kind of subtlety that you don't find in the strong honeys.

Jesus, who works for Rossend, sent me these photos. Below, you see another view from the hives.

You can be sure that the bees don't come across any flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides, herbicides or fungicides - because this is a pure place virtually untouched by man. 

  You can find the Pyrenees Mountain here, along with some other newlly delivered honeys: 

One of the views from the bee hives, where Rossend's bees work the mountain flowers




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