We've had issues with Ramon's Oak listing - meaning it's not appearing on the store for you or anyone who wants to buy it. But I'm hoping that the button below will enable you to order some if you want.- it's a while since we've had any.


I told a few days ago (in an email) about the place where I went with Ramon in the midst of the foothills leading to the Pyrenees. One of the best places for  Mediterranean Oak. 


I was looking through my photos and found a few that I took on that day. They are on an early smart phone, so the quality isn't great, but it gives you an idea of the place and what Ramon looks like.






 Below you can see the hives, which are right on top of a hill, which is surrounded by a forest of the Mediterranean Oak, going on for miles.


Ramon with acorns




In the photo above you can see Ramon with a branch of the oak, he was explaining to me how the bees collect the honeydew from the acorns. He looks quite serious in this photo but actually Ramon is quite a jovial sort of guy. But for him honey is a serious matter!

There's also some of Ramon's two Gold Star Calluna go here.




This is the email I sent.


I remember driving for miles with Ramon in his old van, with the smell of beeswax and honey.

Down dusty tracks we went, just north of Zaragoza, one of the driest areas in Spain - almost a semi-desert.

It was early evening late summer but must have still been close to 35 degrees.

Then entering a forest of Holm Oak (Mediterranean Oak) and on into the foothills of the Pyrenees. Suddenly we stopped on a flat hilltop (much cooler) - got out and there were maybe 60 of Ramon's hives.

The air was thick with bees, who were busily collecting the honeydew from the Oak acorns and seemingly not bothered by our presence.

This place was literally in the middle of nowhere, not in a million years could I have found my way back there.

We had last passed human activity maybe 10 miles back. There was no cultivation, no crop spraying, nothing to harm the bees (apart from the brightly coloured bee-eaters, with their whistling call, who were nesting in the side of a nearby hill). A great place to produce pure honey.

Anyway, if you are keen on Ramon's Oak then we have just had some delivered (sorry if you were looking for it in response to a previous email but I had incorrectly added the stock to our system, so it didn't show up).

It's different to Antonio's European Oak. Ramon's Mediterranean Oak has a fruity and malty flavour along with slightly earthy notes - maybe a bit sweeter than Antonio's Oak.

Also, Ramon sent some of his Calluna (Ling Heather), which won two gold stars in the Great Taste Awards (the second highest award level).

According to the judges: "Deep and luxurious aroma reminiscent of burnt caramel and sticky dates. Thick and satisfying mouthfeel with lingering floral notes and wintergreen aftertaste. Very unctuous and long lasting, delicious from start to finish." and "clear regional input from the vegetation and an authentic traditional honey flavour."

You can find the Calluna here - also some of his Rosemary.

Thank you so much for your time. Tim

01273 682109 if there's anything you want to ask or info@therawhoneyshop.com.

www.therawhoneyshop.com/cat if you desire other honeys.

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