Here's the details of what you will find today in our Raw Honey Shop!

Antonio has sent:

Raw Organic Thyme: This is a light creamy tasting herb flower honey which has a soft and subtle herbal taste. It comes from bees feeding on the small flowers on the thyme plant, this is a very mild honey with a distinctive hint of thyme, a little similar to blossom honey. This honey is made by bees collecting nectar from the wild lavender bushes in the Pradena del Rincon Biosphere Reserve. Get it here.

Raw Organic Orange Blossom: This is a very pleasing and light honey - a favourite of children and those who enjoy sweet and sunny honey flavours. It has just a subtle and delicate taste of orange and a hint of creamy vanilla. It's a great introduction to the world of raw honey thanks to its easy-going, floral sweetness and heady orange blossom aroma. This variety of honey comes from the northern mountain ranges of Madrid in Spain known as Sierra De Guadarrama. Get it here.

You will also find Antonio's Multifloral - from the same area: Generally has a light and creamy flavour with a good amount of floral wild flowers, though it can also have a much darker and bolder flavour depending on the batch. This variety makes for a great entry point to the world of raw honeys. Multifloral honey can vary quite a bit from batch to batch as the flowers and plants will change due to the weather.  We also sometimes get a batch of mulitifloral honey, which comes from the forest, and is much darker and stronger in flavour. Get it here.


Plamen has sent

Raw Organic Acacia (960g) and Acacia with honeycomb (720g)Acacia has to be one of the lightest honey tastes imaginable, it is a little like a soft vanilla and cream. This is very raw and has a lot of the good bits (pollen, propolis, some royal jelly) it can set after a while. The Black Locust tree - that Acacia honey comes from - has been well known throughout history as a source of medicine by the African tribes, Greeks, Romans and European settlers.

Find both sizes of the Acacia here.


Ivan has sent:

Raw Coriander: This honey starts off with a strong floral and herbal flavour, lengthening into a sweetness that reminds of us very sweet, sun-ripened oranges. The herbaceous notes lend an interesting, contrasting sourness to balance the sweetness of the foretaste and main flavours. It finishes quite cleanly, with a hint of beeswax lingering momentarily. It was awarded a One-Star Prize in the Great Taste Awards 2018! Get it here.

Raw Herb and Wildflower: This is a very unique variety, a sweet light floral taste with hints of menthol and herbs. It's a very light and sweet tasting multifloral herb and wildflower honey. It has a clean fresh taste of herbs and flowers. It comes from bees feeding on the herb gardens the abandoned villages of Gorna Oryahovitsa in Bulgaria. These villages have turned into meadows and herb gardens over time where the bees love to forage. Get it here.

+ There's also a few boxes of his gift set 4x120g.

Please note the state (ie runny or crystallised when you buy. Because this is raw honey, it naturally crystallises). If you don't like crystallised honey you can gently warm it on a radiator - or alternatively look for a runny honey.

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