Just updating you on the latest raw honey deliveries. This includes honeys from Thomas in Greece (one of his is a very unusual honey), from Antonio and a small supply of 3 boxes of one our most popular honeys from Ramon's bees.

If you want to stock up - for instance, for Ramadan - then look at our bulk containers and sets. You can make a considerable saving on the kilo price by buying in bulk- see the bulk offerings here

Here's the details of what you will find today in our Raw Honey Shop:

Antonio and his grandchildren Hector and Leila

You can see here Antonio with his two grandchildren Hector and Leila in Pradena del Rincon - a Biosphere Reserve north of Madrid where his bees collect nectar, honeydew and pollen at around 1000 to 1200 metres.

On Friday the lorry turned up with some honeys from this reserve including (for the 1st time) 3kg tubs of  Multifloral - which makes it a cheaper way to buy honey if you want 3kg or more. (Sorry there's no photo yet.)

See below details of the rest of the honeys that were in the recent deliveries.

Please note the state (ie runny or crystallised when you buy. Because this is raw honey, it naturally crystallises). If you don't like crystallised honey you can gently warm it on a radiator - or alternatively look for a runny honey.

 Antonio's raw Wild LavenderAntonio with his son in law Ruben and grandchildren Hector and Leila

This is a very popular mountain honey - with a light and pleasing flavour. It has strong floral notes and a creaminess like vanilla - but doesn't have quite as strong a flavour as honey from cultivated lavender.

This honey is made by bees collecting nectar from the wild lavender bushes in the Pradena del Rincon Biosphere Reserve.Get it here

You can also find Antonio's thyme - which comes from the same area. This is a light creamy tasting herb flower honey which has a soft and subtle herbal taste. It comes from bees feeding on the small flowers on the thyme plant, this is a very mild honey with a distinctive hint of thyme, a little similar to blossom honey. Get it here.

There's also Eucalyptus - which we have noticed crystallises with extremely fine crystals, giving it a smooth spreadable consistency. This is a particularly good batch - in fact we've entered it for the Great Taste Awards. 

Also from Antonio you will find some raw Lavender and Propolis extract tincture (non alcohol base).

Plus, he has raw bee pollen, a mountain pollen from the flowers growing in the area of Pradena del Rincon - at between 1000 and 1200 metres. You can find it here + it is reduced in price for the next two weeks.

Thomas has sent:

Arbutus & Honeydew (This is the unusual one). Whilst Arbutus has a reputation as being a bitter honey, this is not particularly bitter and because it comes from an area with a lot of Oak we would describe it as being more similar to his Oak than to Arbutus. It's a dark thick honey with antibacterial benefits and you can get it here. NB Sorry, we haven't had a chance to update description or photo on the product page.

The Forest at Tsagaraza PelionForest BlossomThis is another unusual one which it comes from a forested mountain wilderness in the area around Tsagaraza Pelion in Greece.  There are many forest and mountain flowers (as well as honeydew) in this honey including: Wild Lavender, Wild Clover, Oregano, Ivy, Valarian, Pine, Oak, Manolia, Beech.  Go here to orderNB Again, sorry, we haven't had a chance to update description or photo on the product page.

You can find Thomas' other honeys here - including 5kg tins of Heather













Ramon has sent:

Lemon Blossom

Heather in 1 kg jars here

Heather in 4kg tubs here (at £16.19 a kilo, whereas if you were to buy 4 x 1kg jars you would be paying £17.99 a kilo)

Oak (the last of his until October). 

+ There's also a few jars of Almond, one of his most popular honeys. It's all he could supply. If you want to grab one of the 36 jars (we currently have) of Almond then go here.

Here's a mixed Spring honey selection:

Spring Raw Honey Bundle - Spring Mountain, Wild Rosemary, Thyme, Coriander, Orange Blossom

To see our full catalogue go here.

For Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen go here.

To see bulk honeys go here.

Don't forget 3 kilos + gets free shipping and discounts up to 20% are available for bulk buys.

That's all! 

Any questions drop us an email at info@therawhoneyshop.com or call 01273 682109 and Ombeline, Tai or myself will be glad to help.

Tim - for The Raw Honey Shop Team

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