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A message to you from Ramon and Begona - producers of raw & pure honey for the Raw Honey Shop

Ramon Ramon and Begona

November 5th 2014, day four of my trip.

I am in Spain at the moment visiting Ramon and Begona and later some of the other beekeepers we get honey from. 

This is them in this short video. We first discovered their honey back in the 1990s, later we went on to start selling it. Ramon wanted to record a short video message for everyone who has bought or is thinking of buying their honey. Ramon and Begona's bees produce very fine honey, which they ensure remains in its natural state. They are producers, extraordinaire, of raw and unprocessed honeys - about 14 varieties in all.  You can see these different types of honey here if you are interested.  Ramon is taking me around his hives and I will show you in the next few days what I discovered about Oak honey, which completely surprised me.

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