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Current Raw Honey Shop Customer Discount Structure Including Free Shipping

Here is our current discount structure for 1kg and 500g jars including all our rates up to wholesale levels. For the moment, the free shipping only applies to the UK.*

 Number of kilos* Type of discount
0.5-2 No discount, shipping is £3 for 1kg and £5 for 2kg to mainland UK
3-5 Free shipping
6-11 Free shipping +   5% Discount
12-17 Free shipping + 10% Discount
18-29 Free shipping + 15% Discount
30-35 Free shipping + 20% Discount
36-71 Free shipping + 25% Discount
72-107 Free shipping + 30% Discount
108-143 Free shipping + 35% Discount
144-287 Free shipping + 40% Discount
288-431 Free shipping + 45% Discount
432 upwards Free shipping + 50% Discount

These discounts also apply to royal jelly, propolis tincture and bee pollen.

In addition to this we are also offering the following:

Free Returns

We have now incorporated free returns into our 90 day returns policy - no one else offers such a generous returns policy on honey. Hopefully, you enjoy all the honeys you receive from us, but we know that some of the more 'challenging' honeys may not be to everyone's tastes. So, if you receive a honey you just can't stand, get in touch with us, and we'll help you get the honey back to us with no cost to you.

Other discounts

You can also get discounts on tubs when you buy larger quantities. Here are our discounts for tubs.

(These are already discounted by an average of 10% over the price for an equivalent number of one kilo jars, so please take that into account.) 

 Number of kilos in tubs Type of discount
3-59 Free shipping
60-119 Free shipping + 15% Discount
120-179 Free shipping + 20% Discount
180-239 Free shipping + 25% Discount
240-479 Free shipping + 30% Discount
480-719 Free shipping + 35% Discount
720 upwards Free shipping + 40% Discount

THE SMALL PRINT. IMPORTANT TO READ  (As with all these things there is some small print.)

*Exceptions to Free Shipping and Returns: For now, free shipping only applies to orders being shipped to the UK. Free returns are likewise only applicable for the UK.

For pallet deliveries, there will be a £10 surcharge on central London postcodes due to additional charges from our couriers. (E, EC, N, NW, SE, SW, W, WC)

Further additional surcharges will apply for Highlands and Islands locations based on shipping price.

Labeling charge If you are a wholesale customer and you want our labels there is a charge of 10p a label on all orders of 36 jars or more. This is less than the cost of the label and the amount we get charged for attaching the labels.

Discounts on non-standard products: beeswax, honeycomb, and honeys with mix-ins are only discounted at 15% for orders of 36kgs or above and not for orders of lower overall weights.

Products not normally discounted include the following: testers, UK products, selections, bundles, candles, cosmetics


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