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2016 Raw Honey Annual Survey

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    So nice to hear. Auther is the best. Thx u a lot. Hope to hear some more information
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  • MArgaret MAclennan on

    Thank you for my order I am satisfied with your service and they were packed very well I particularly liked the Eucalyptus.

  • astrid on

    I am very happy with the honey which I take daily. It has stopped me having coughs and colds.
    I would highly recommend this product.

  • Gerry Luby on

    Tried lots of flavours . All fantastic, but my favourite is Chestnut. Use them on my muesli and yogurt breakfast, and in my medicinal lemon juice,turmeric and black pepper shot. Great on fresh fruit salads, and for general cooking in place of sugar where possible. Recommend them to family and friends all the time. Great on vanilla ice cream too.

  • Susanna Mackness on

    I have the raw honey on toast in the morning to start a beautiful day!
    I love your Thyme honey and yes, it is the best way to sooth my sore throat too, just have the honey in a little bowl and eat with a tea spoon a few times a day and my sore throat will be alright in a day or two!! Wonderful!!

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