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Fresh Raw Acacia honey to arrive soon!


Juliette who works with Bulgarian beekeeper Ivan has brought us some samples of the raw Acacia honey and raw honeycomb today, from Bulgaria which will arrive in 4 weeks.

Juliette is telling us all about the delicious raw Acacia honey and also introducing us to Acacia honeycomb.
This time of year is full of blossoms and we will be getting new batches of Acacia honey in about a month time, now, so stay tuned!

Acacia is a popular honey and comes from bees feeding on the Acacia blossoms on the Bulgarian Acacia trees. It has a very low glucose content therefore tends to always be in a runny state. It is very appreciated for its very light taste and low glucose levels.

If you want some can you leave your details below or directly message us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive the batches. :)

The Raw Honey Team.

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