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Join us in sending a message of congratulation to organic beekeeper Antonio and Carmen on their recent marriage

We've been getting honey from Antonio Simon for over 10 years now. He was our first organic beekeeper.

(Here he is with Carmen, not a great photo but the only one I have. This was at an organic fair in Madrid on a freezing November day a couple of years ago.)

Antonio is a pioneer of organic beekeeping in Spain, a real expert who cares deeply about the bees and the quality of his honey. I don't know of any other beekeeper who produces such a wide range of organic honey and has such attention to detail.

More than this, he is a lovely guy, really kind and considerate - and very helpful. 

Right now he's brought his son-in-law Ruben into the business, I guess with the plan of handing over to him eventually. 


I phoned up his office recently and was told that he was away on honeymoon - he had and his partner Carmen had only gone and got married.

Lots of our customers know and love Antonio's honey and I thought it would be really nice if we sent him and Carmen a congratulations card - and also expressed our gratitude to him for his honey. 

Would you consider writing a message to Antonio and Carmen? We will print out all the messages and include them in a card that we're going to send to them  along with a present.

Here's the link. Just write your message in the box on the form and include your name, so they know who the message is from. Don't worry about the message being in English, Carmen speaks English and Antonio understands a fair amount. 

Here's the link to the form where you can leave your message.

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  • Chris and Alison on

    Hi Antonio
    Just want to congratulate you on your marriage may God bless the two of you abundantly and thank you for the fabulous honey you send to the UK ,
    Stay Blessed Chris and Alison

  • Petra hodge on

    Hi,I love your honey! It tastes delicious,I wouldn’t get it from anywhere else,I hope you keep making it for many more years!😊xx

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