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Adventuring with our beekeeperAntonio

Adventuring with our beekeeper Antonio: Follow Antonio and his beekeepers into the forest in a special place => Sierra del Rincon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, to the north of Madrid, Spain, where his bees collect the Mountain Oak honey.Tim is spending a few days with Antonio Simon, one of our main beekeepers whose honey is certified organic. Tim and Antonio are going round the hives and he made this little video this morning from this wild place in a high altitude national park, where Antonio has most of his Mountain Oak hives.By the way we've just had the last of Antonio's current...

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Follow in my tracks and see the very remote place where the bees make the organic forest honey

I have reposted the above from our Facebook page, in case you don't have Facebook or haven't seen this wild place. If you want some of this superfresh forest honey you can get it here (There's also some new seasons Acacia, which has also just arrived. Or any of other honeys are here. Best wishes Tim  

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The first of the new seasons' organic forest honey

You can get this new seasons' forest here

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Tim in Spain - visiting beekeeper Alvaro

Tim has flown to La Rioja region of Spain (just below the Pyrenees) to visit Alvaro, one of our main beekeepers who's supplied us for many years.  He is off today to  visit the biosphere Reserve where the bees make their 100% pure honey, free from pesticides and pollution. He mainly produces organic honey: Forest, Mountain, Heather, Oak, Lemon blossom, Orange blossom and Rosemary honeys. His honeys are popular due to their tendency in staying runny longer especially the darker honeys, although raw honey always eventually sets after a while as it has not been over heated or ultra filtered....

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Alvaro direct from the Biosphere Reserve where his bees make their honey

A delivery of Alvaro's honey has just arrived from the biosphere reserve where his bees make most of the honey he provides to us. You can buy his  honeys here, which include Mountain, Forest, Thyme and Wild Lavender. I will be visiting him in a few weeks - with the aim of bringing back more information about the wild places his honey comes from. We will hopefully be filming in this biosphere reserve. (I'm afraid the quality of this video isn't great.) Tim

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