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The bees of Thomas (son), Elena (daughter), Giorgios (Dad), Panos (Cousin) and Kostas (Uncle) produce the most glorious raw Greek Honey

- Raw Greek Honey From a Family of Artisan Beekeepers

Greek Artisan Thyme Honey

Driving through the night from Athens airport I arrived at the family home at 3 in the morning. I was amazed to see the whole family still waiting up to greet me with an incredible spread of food on a table in the garden. I was tired and overwhelmed by the warmth of the reception.  Of course, the spread included homemade Greek yogurt with  Thyme honey poured on it.

This trip following an unexpected visit to our honey store in Brighton by two young Greek beekeepers - Thomas and Elena, who were studying in Brighton.

They brought some of their family's honey for us to try. 

I had been looking for a Greek beekeeper for a while, but without finding one who met our standards.

The visit to our honey store by  Thomas and Elena seemed fortuitous, and the honey they brought was the thickest I'd ever tasted. 

The raw Thyme honey had a mild and grassy foretaste like dry mountain herbs (You can really taste the thyme!), breaking into a large, fruity flavour similar to sweet and sour summer fruits such as raspberries and red currants, then dissipating quickly to a mild and clean finish.  Very slight overnotes of the soft sweetness of fennel or aniseed without the strong flavour of liquorice
The Oak, was the thickest honey I'd ever seen and  has a deliciously rich and mineral treacle flavour with hints of cooked apples and plums. 
Elena, Thomas, Panos, Giorgios and Kostas - the whole beekeeping family in the Fir Forest

An invitation to visit them followed.

So early June 2018 I got to experience the incredible warmth and hospitality of this family and to travel around and see the wild places where their bees make the thickest honey I've ever tasted.

I was lucky enough to go above the clouds to the hives at Argithea where the bees make the rare Fir honey and then to see the beautiful forest full of giant Pine trees at Agios Konstantinos where the bees make Pine honey. Later they took me to the Oak forest surrounding Lake Smokovo near Rentina. It is here that the bees create the thickest Oak honey I've ever had the pleasure of spreading  - on freshly baked bread with butter you can really appreciate the stewed fruit notes. Not too sweet either.

Thomas and family is an operation which is committed to producing honey to organic standards, they are people who care for their bees and always leave enough honey for them. Try some of their beautiful honey. You can taste the warmth of a Greek evening with the air laden with the scent of Thyme or you can imagine yourself sitting in the forest by lake Smokovo, when it is almost dark and all you hear is the bees still busily working away going backwards and forwards between the acorns and the hives.

Unusual but Beautiful Tasting!

I ordered this honey on a whim to be honest after having very bad sore throats for over 2 weeks with nothing helping. I can't say if it's because of the thyme in the honey or not but my sore throat and pain has eventually disappeared! The honey tastes like no other I have ever tasted before. You can taste the thyme but it's delicious! I am addicted to this honey and would recommend for sure.

Amanda, Luton

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