I am writing to offer you the chance to buy some authentic Royal Sidr Class A, from hives in the high mountains surrounding Wadi Doan in Hadramout in the eastern part of Yemen. (If you want to go ahead and order right away click here to go to the buy button, which is near the bottom of this page.)

For the first time in our 16-year history at The Raw Honey Shop, we've discovered a Yemeni sample that surpasses our stringent quality criteria.

But, I've only been able to secure just enough to fill 30 jars of 220g each. I'm reaching out specifically to you, in recognition of your appreciation for Sidr.

I have always steered clear of Yemeni Sidr before, as every previous sample we have received and tested has proved to be fake.

This time, however, the story is different. Allow me to share the backstory with you.

Back last Spring, I was contacted by a honey enthusiast, Mohammed, whose family is from Yemen but lives in this country. He often travels with his mother to Yemen to see the Yemeni branch of his family and to collect Sidr.

In May last year, he was in Yemen and shared with me videos and photos and facetime calls as he travelled, of the area.

When he returned, I had his Sidr from Hadramout analysed to see firstly whether it was Sidr and secondly whether it came from Yemen. (The lab we use can identify the region a honey is from by the varieties of pollen in the sample.)

The analysis was good and proved that the Sidr was genuine and from Yemen. So I bought what he could spare, which was just under 8 kilos.

You will find the taste profile wonderful, it has a thick texture that coats your tongue with its velvety rich tongue feel.

You will notice intense toffee notes following by floral layers and herbal notes.  

As someone who has bought Sidr from us previously you will know the story behind Sidr honey. 

The medicinal properties of the Lote Tree (from which Sidr comes) is mentioned both in the Quran and Bible.

This is a honey that has been revered through the ages

It is not just any honey; it is a very special and rare honey.

The production helps to support artisan Yemeni beekeepers and their traditional practices that are carried out with great respect for the bees.

I wasn’t able to secure much of this honey, just the 8 kilos, which we have decanted into jars, each containing around 220g.  I had planned to make it available for Christmas, but in the general rush and mayhem it got missed, so now I am making it available for Ramadan.

There are just the 30 jars in all.

As you have bought Sidr before I thought you might appreciate the opportunity of getting a jar or so of this rare Yemeni variant.

I am not going to make it generally available on the store, given the limited quantity and the fact I would rather just offer it to you and those who clearly value Sidr honey.

I must be up front though - it is not cheap. Yemeni Sidr is incredibly expensive, often selling for $300 or more a kilo.

This Sidr is classed as Royal Sidr Class A. The price is £75 a jar but as you are a previous Sidr customer I am offering it to you at £63.75, a 15% discount.

You can also call us to order - 01273 682109.

It is extremely hard to source genuine Sidr. I do not see any other suppliers who share the test results of their Sidr and, as I said earlier, we have tested previous samples sent to us. None were genuine.  

Counterfeit Sidr is rampant, one sample sent to us and analysed turned out to be Chestnut honey from Spain.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy this honey.

Tim, Raw Honey Shop Owner.