Hives in an ancient forest

From Remote Mountains & Ancient Forests

"This Is Quite Simply, The Best. This Deliciously Raw, Organic Honey Is Like Nothing I’ve Ever Tasted Before – It Really Is Exceptional!"

- Arfa Saira Iqbal, Manchester 

  • * Certified Organic Honey
  • * 100% Raw, Original Honey As Nature Intended

  • * From The Hive Straight To You!

  • * Never Processed or Mixed With Other Honey

  • * Nothing Added or Taken Away

  • * Free Shipping On Orders Of 3 Kilos Or More  

Are you struggling to find pure original raw honey – the real thing?  I understand how annoying it is, because finding proper raw organic honey that you can trust is a real struggle. 

Antonio is the man who can end your search.

This is the story of Antonio. Read on to learn more about his honey - and the magical wild place where it comes from.

Antonio with Raw Honey Shop Owner TimSo, let me introduce you to Antonio.

And let me take you to the mountains and forests where I recently spent a few days with Antonio, who is the fourth generation in his family to keep bees. 

You can feel the passion and enthusiasm for producing pure raw honey pulsing through him.

Antonio gathers the honey using artisan beekeeping methods and then simply coarse-filters and bottles the honey ready for you to eat!

Antonio's original honey comes from the great Spanish wilderness - here in the Sierra del Rincón, Biosphere Reserve.

Antonio and Ruben check the hives in the Sierra del Rincón, Biosphere ReserveAntonio's bees feed from a succession of mountain flowers in this pristine wilderness through the Spring and Summer.

First  they start with the wild Rosemary, then the Thyme, then Wild Lavender (with its delicate flavour - not as strong as cultivated Lavender), then Oak (which the bees collect from the acorns) and finally the black Heather at the end of the summer.

Superior in taste and quality, the honey is so pure, it’s like collecting the honey from the bees yourself!

We believe the best honey is original honey - in its raw and organic form with nothing added or taken away.

Here’s why you’ll love Antonio's original honey:

  • * Collected from a perfectly preserved and wild environment high in the mountains and away from roads and other forms of pollution so you can be sure your honey is really pure (up to 1200 metres up in the sierra)
  • * Certified organic, which means checks and tests on the honey to make sure that the standards of organic honey are being kept to. (You can see the certificate of the Raw Honey Shop, which guarantees this honey is organic here).
  • His bees feed from a naturally pesticide-free and toxin-free nature reserve resulting in a purer honey
  • * He never treats his bees with antibiotics (which can affect the quality of the honey produced)
  • * Minimum interference is Antonio's principle. He avoids using chemicals or sugar syrup to feed the bees
  • * His original honey is NEVER pasteurised or blended, so it retains its natural properties
  • *Antonio, along with his son in law Ruben simply collects, coarse filters and bottles the honey – that’s it!
  • *The best pure honey is always raw – nothing is added and nothing is taken away!
  • *Free shipping over 3 kilos
  • *Discounts for bulk buys. 
  • Original raw honey - like the Oak Antonio is showing Raw Honey Shop owner Tim -contains a powerful combination of naturally occurring antibacterial properties.

The power of raw honey is nothing new and dates back thousands of years, forming part of almost every major culture and religion. Today,there are many well-documented clinical studies worldwide- particularly on the antibacterial qualities of honey.

In fact, raw honey is used extensively in the Middle East as part of ‘Prophetic Medicine’ and is highly prized in the Arabian Peninsula as a natural powerhouse with the ability to soothe many different ailments.

Unfortunately, not all honey is created equally!

For honey to retain its natural properties, it should never be processed by heating (also known as pasteurisation) beyond the natural temperature of the hive or fine-filtering. Heating damages the antibacterial qualities of honey.

The majority of honey available in supermarkets today is heavily processed by heating it to remove the crystals that are naturally present in raw honey. It is blended from different sources around the world. This makes the honey more liquid and gives it a smooth, flowing texture - but it damages the natural antibacterial quality of the honey. 

A commercial honey processing plant

Commercial honey is also fine-filtered,  which removes pollen and royal jelly - two beneficial components which also help to give raw honey it’s unique qualities and flavour.

Which is why we don’t believe honey should be processed beyond a coarse filter to remove bits of debris from the hive and gently warming it to get it into jars. THAT IS ALL.

Industrial honey is blended from many different sources, fine filtered and heated in processing plants like this. Not natural!

We believe the bees know best when it comes to producing original honey – raw, organic and never processed – just as nature intended.

The best pure honey can be traced right back to the hives It came from – which is why our customers love Antonio's honey.

If you believe that the best pure honey on Earth comes direct from the bees and not out of a processing plant, then join us and countless others who swear by the excellence of raw honey:

What people are saying about the honey

"I have been looking for a long time to find a place where I can trust good honey. Finally I have. Honest, genuine and a fast service. Thank you guys, will be promoting your guys to all my contacts!"

Yaseen, London

 "We are really pleased with the friendly informative help we have received and the speedy arrival of our order. The honey (3 Varieties) are delicious - amazingly better than honeys we have previously bought locally."

M Whealy, Brentwood

“Absolutely amazing. This is the first time I've tasted such pure unadulterated honey in my life and the experience was truly amazing. Will be buying from you in the future

Miriam, Hull

 “Such fabulous quality pure honey is not easy to find in the UK, the Oak Honey is a revelation!”  

 UK Customer

“Wonderful Raw honey with a unique flavour. Wholeheartedly the best!”

  Mohammad Beegun

“I have been using honey on my eight year old son, he has eczema and asthma.

 I believe raw honey is a micaculous medicine. I feed him and use on his skin. It is definitely improving his health. Thank you!”

 Siddika, Dagenham

This is some of what we have for you

Because we think that you deserve nothing but the best, we’ve got some top quality organic honeys for you

It's not just Antonio.

There are our other organic beekeepers, like Luisa and her daughter Olaya. They produce honeys like a deep dark Forest honey in Asturias, a sparsely populated forested and mountainous region in the north of Spain.

There's also Plamen, who lives in a little stone and wood house facing a meadow, where some of his beehives are.  His bees produce a Lime honey that is alive with flavour.

Whoever you order from, as part of our offer, you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over 3 kilos

Ordering from us couldn’t be simpler.  Just select the raw original honey type you want and the quantity you want above. Then simply click the ‘Add To Cart’ button and follow the instructions to complete your purchase.[jtcarousel jtp_collection_name="raw-organic-honey-from-antonio"]

Of if you want to order over the phone or you have questions then call 01273 682109 and Ilinca, Claire or myself will be glad to help.

I look forward to sharing our best pure organic honey with you soon!

Here’s to a lifetime of artisan raw honeys, with their unique flavours and properties.

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Tim Walker

Raw Honey Founder

As we said Antonio's honey is certified organic. Antonio's honey is EU certified organic and is covered under the Raw Honey Shop's organic certificate, which you can see here