Luisa and Olaya with a jar of their honey in their honey packing warehouse


I am writing to you because I know you appreciate Heather honey and I didn't want you to miss out on a one-off, rather unique honey from the heather family. I've just received it from Luisa.

There are only 146 jars of this connoisseurs honey available, they come from the wild and remote region of Asturias. In the 14 years we have been getting honey from Luisa this is the first time we have had this particular honey.


Dear Honey Friend

I have something a little different to offer to you from Luisa, and her beekeeping children Olaya and Mario - a one-off.

Luisa has sent 146 jars of a honey she extracted at the end of a poor summer. It is a one-off, a true connoisseur's honey, you will find it has great depth and complexity to its flavour. (I've given my full take on the flavour notes in the section of this message headed 'Flavour'.)

This is a picture of Olaya at the hives for the Bell Heather and Calluna


This is the story behind this honey, which comes from the wild and remote San Isidro plateau.

Normally, as soon as the Bell Heather has finished flowering Mario and Olaya extract the honey ready for the Calluna season.

But last year was a bad year.

The wet weather and poor flowering meant Mario and Olaya left the small Heather harvest unextracted in some hives.

When the Calluna shrubs bloomed late Summer and Autumn, the bees carried on building on those same combs, combining the two rich nectars.

It is the first time and quite possibly the last time we have been offered this honey and I feel sure you will love it.

We have the result in just 146 jars of this honey, which I snapped up when Luisa called up and offered it to me.

The hives, which this honey originates from, sit at a place of breathtaking beauty, 1500 meters atop the San Isidro plateau.


A photo showing Olaya, Mario and Tim at San Isidro in front of the hives

A place I am sure you would love. ( You can see Olaya, Mario, and myself in front of the hives, with the moorland and mountain peaks in the background.)

It is a very special, extremely remote place, where Luisa’s bees produce (Bell) Heather, then later in the year Calluna (Ling Heather) from the shrubs that stretch as far as your eye can see.

You will find this a luxuriously thick and granular honey with deep notes of caramel, beeswax and charred brown sugar mingling with ripe grape and woodsy, earthy tones.

Yet balanced by a distinctive acidity that prevents it from being overly sweet. It makes for a real connoisseurs honey.

The best of both Bell Heather and Calluna.

San Isidro, where the hives are is the top place I have seen for these two honeys.

It is incredibly remote and the moor is covered with Heather and Calluna, as well as some other shrubs, like blueberries.

Far, far away from where pesticides, herbicides and insecticides are used.

I visited there two years ago and I still reflect on that day, spent in the company of Olaya and Mario.

They are such lovely people.

The time we were there was perfect - in late summer in the sun.

We trekked from the car for maybe a mile until we arrived at the hives surrounded by the mountain peaks with no sign of human activity apart from the bee hives.

As we walked Olaya explained more about the background to their Heather and Calluna honey.

For instance, about how the Calluna is being used - very effectively - as a treatment for bed sores and hard to heal skin wounds.

Mario is quieter but a very passionate advocate for nature. A deeply caring person.

Olaya shares her brother's reverence for nature.

As we walked she suddenly gestured and shared a childhood memory of her and Mario getting their hands stained red from picking blueberries as her parents worked the nearby hives.

Now as a mother herself, she is deeply alarmed by environmental changes threatening this and other pristine havens.

The irregularity of the seasons is one such factor, like the season that brought us these 146 jars.

Onto the flavour

When I opened a jar of this Heather & Calluna Honey it released a deep aroma of caramel and slightly burnt brown sugar mixed with subtle hints of beeswax and woodiness.

The dense and rich honey has a texture that is granular yet smooth on the tongue, balancing natural sweetness with earthy undertones and a refreshing acidity.

Beneficial Beyond Taste
Beyond its delightful taste, this honey is known for its strong antibacterial properties. (It is used in some hospitals for treating bed sores and skin abrasions. )

The natural enzymes and minimal processing in Luisa’s honey ensure you receive the most health benefits, including for respiratory illnesses.

Sustainably Sourced

Luisa’s children Olaya and Mario are a new generation of beekeepers who are totally committed to a sustainable lifestyle.

They are driving the company forward with a very strong commitment to sustainable beekeeping through organic and bee friendly practices.

Secure one of the 146 jars

Don’t miss your chance to experience this exceptional blend.

With only 146 jars produced, this batch is a rare one and a must-have for those who cherish the craft of artisanal beekeeping and the pure, unaltered taste of raw honey straight from the moorlands of San Isidro.

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