Photo of bee for World Bee Day

Today - May 20th - is World Bee Day. Let's celebrate these amazing creatures and take action to protect them against deadly threats.

You and I know that life depends on bees and other pollinators. But in the last 25 years, their numbers have been devastated.

A German study found a 75% decrease in insect populations - and other studies have shown a similar level of devastation. 

So we must do more for the bees and all pollinators. 

The fact is that without pollinators there will be little food for humans.

This is what is happening to the bees.

  • Since the 2nd World War 97% of wildflower meadows have been lost to intensive agriculture in our country - so much less food for the bees. 
  • Climate change is confusing them because the seasons are getting mixed up. Witness this year.  What has happened to April showers?
  • Dangerous insecticides are killing them.

Today I am asking you to do two things for the bees (which will also benefit other pollinators - and us).

1) If you haven't already planted bee friendly plants in your garden consider getting a pack of seeds from Bee Bombs. Here's the link.

2) Make a donation to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust here.  (There's also an option when you are ordering from us to donate to them on our cart page.) They are doing fantastic work to reintroduce bumblebee species and protect those under threat.

Together we can do something to protect the bees and this will help protect all life.


Link to the German insect study