I was fortunate to spend a few days with Luisa, Olaya, Mario (Luisa's son) and the whole family in the wilds of Asturia.

Here you can see Meet Olaya & Mario at one one of the breathtaking places in Asturias 

Later we arrived at the hives and I recorded Olaya explaining what it is that makes this place so special.

San Isidiro

On 26th August Olaya & Mario took me to San Isidoro, where the Heather and Calluna hives are.

You have to walk the last mile or so to the hives, although I guess they must use an off road type vehicle to get the hives there. 

You get a real sense of the space and light around. when you reach the hives. You are at 1800 metres, really high. And around you there are mountain peaks that rise up further. You cannot see any sign of humans except the track leading to the hives. No houses, no fields, nada. It's one of the best places I have seen for Heather and Calluna.

 Another place for the Forest hives, in a valley

Luisa has another place for Forest hives, which are in a forest on the side of the mountain. Looking at the forest hives on the side of the mountain

At this place they have a cute little house, where they keep beekeeping supplies and sometimes the beekeepers stay over. You can see Luisa and her sister Iles on the verandah.

On the day they took me there we had a picnic.

The little beekeepers house, in the Forest where the beekeepers stay