From Mount Kerkini, Vangelis sends something we've been searching seeking for many years

We thank Asterios,  who has opened many doors for us.  Yesterday, a series of surprises arrived via Asterios, including the one described in this video. 

And details of the other surprises follow this video. 

If you want some of this honeycomb, as described in the video, then click here.

There are 92. honeycombs. But if it proves as popular we think I will get some more. If you buy some let me know what you think via

However, it wasn't just the honeycomb that Asterios sent.

There were also some other honeys that we have been seeking for a long time.

He delivered some Carob honey from his mate Kostas, whose bees make this honey in Crete.

Earlier this year Asterios had sent us three different samples of Carob - but this was by far the best one.

I love it.

You will find the is a beautiful, deep-tasting tree honey, with a hint of a warm chocolatey smoky wood flavour. 

It's very smooth, one of those honeys that melts on the tongue. In my view it is a very good Carob, maybe as good as the one we had 3 years ago, which won the very top award for honey in the whole Great Taste Awards. You will find it here.

Also, something else new. 

Oregano honey from Vangelis - the honeycomb guy - from his hives on Mount Kerkini in the National Park. Walk on the lower slopes of this mountain and you will smell the aroma of oregano, mixed with thyme and pine.

Such a beautiful smell - indeed this is a beautiful honey. It has a freshness about it. - along with a gentle herbal aroma and sweet citrus notes. You will find it here.

Finally, there is an organic Oak. When Antonio told us in early June that he had run out of his organic Oak we got in a panic, as this is our most popular Oak.honey. He said there wouldn't be any more until the Autumn, Three whole months!

We tried various samples of organic Oak from other beekeepers but none matched up to Antonio's. But then Asterios came to our rescue. He sent a sample from Giannis, whose hives are on Mount Pelion, one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece. 

This is very dark Oak with a clear molasses/treacle flavour. Then you will notice notes of stewed fruit - maybe plums or prunes. Very nice, and a very dark runny honey.   

You will find the Oak and all the other honeys mentioned here

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