Hi,here's some feedback from the survey I sent last week,  which was to help me assess honey needs over the period until the New Year.  The aim was to get your feedback to help me complete orders to the various beekeepers this week.  We need enough honey to see us through the Brexit period. Here's a graph showing the popularity of each honey type. Basically, 41% of customers have Oak as their main honey.

Graphic of honey survey showing honeys most wanted

  Second part of survey, showing favourite honeys

 Other findings 

  • For 86% of customers organic status is important. 
  • Antonio is the favourite beekeeper for 22% of customers. However, 74% have no preference for a specific beekeeper. 

 Government Brexit Seminar

Currently there is no tariff on honey imports from EU countries, where most of our honey comes from - and from many other countries, which the EU has agreements with.

On Tuesday (1st October) I went to a Government seminar on Brexit for businesses that import and export. I was hoping to get information on whether there will be a tariff on honey imports, but not one of the experts there knew. I was given an email to contact the Brexit office, so I am still waiting. If a tariff isn't agreed then it all defaults to Wordl Trade Organisation tariffs, where the average tariff for honey imports is 39.4%- This would be...how shall i put it.....challenging. 

 If you want any more information on the survey or have any comments please email tim@therawhoneyshop.com.

And if you haven't completed the survey yet please do, the link is here.

Thank you for your time.