Raw Honey Deliveries:  Just arrived or arriving soon

Some exceptional raw honey varieties from Greece.

  • Last batch of the superb Organic Vanilla Fire from Vasilis. We managed to get the last of the batch of this superb Vanilla Fir honey from Vasilis—the batch that was highly rated by the world famous Honey Sensory Analysis team in Bologna,Italy. It is here.
  • Last of Thomas’ Mountain Oak until the Autumn - Thomas’ Oak never falis to delight—thick, strongly antibacterial and delicious.
  • Also, the last of Thomas' Red Fir. This has been a very special batch, the most popular Fir honey we have ever had.  It was also the most potent Fir honey we've ever had. Generally Fir doesn't reach the potency of Oak, but this one was Active 23, making it more potent than Thomas' latest batch of Oak. I would be surprised if the 2024 batch is as potent, but we can live in hope. You can find the last of Thomas' Red Fir here.
  • Award winning organic Pine from Thassos - An exquisite award winning Pine honey from the unspoiled island of Thassos,known for producing some of the finest Pine honey in Greece. Will let you know when this arrives. (It got the top 3 stars award in the Great Taste Awards.
  • Super thick Pine from Triantafyllos and his Dad Grigoris. A remarkably thick Pine honey from Triantafyllos and his father Grigorios, who have a proven track record of producing award-winning honeys. Check out the video - https://bit.ly/thick_pine - showcasing its super thick texture. Now arrived.
  • Arbutus from Kostas - Another exceptionally strong Arbutus harvest from Kostas, matching his previous most potent Arbutus honey we've ever encountered. Will be online soon.
  • Mountain Forest from Kostas - A deep Mountain Forest honey from Kostas, whose previous Bioactive Forest honey boasted an impressive Active rating of 23.  It's here.

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